To do, or not to do.

As a parent we can feel the pressure to be doing something all the time. There are so many things to get done that it can feel overwhelming.

But lately it has struck me how important what we don’t do, can be for our relationships. Maybe there are some things we should stop doing. Sometimes less really is more.

Let’s stop assuming the worst.

Give up on judging ourselves and others.

Ditch the criticism and the sarcasm.

Resist the urge to complain.

Quieten those angry yells.

Stop trying to control everything.

Overcome the temptation to have the last word.

Drop the defensive position.

And don’t despair.

Sometimes what you don’t do can be extremely powerful, it can strengthen relationships and make your home a happier place.

Sometimes it’s the things that we don’t do that can really make a difference.


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