Kindness Quotes : 1


Experimenting with Quozio, gorgeous!

And with shorter posts, exciting!

I just can’t resist a great quote. 

I love to get, and give, great book recommendations too. Here are three, just for you….

Gretchen Rubin ‘The Happiness Project’ – where I discovered this quote. I finished this book earlier in the year, half on audio-book and half in print. Recommended either way! 

Leo Tolstoy ‘War and Peace’, currently reading this one aloud with my lovely eldest daughter. This book is a long one but definitely worth it, there are moments of true genius, certainly enhanced by reading aloud.

Mandela ‘Long Walk to Freedom’, currently ‘buddy-reading’ with that same lovely daughter. We read a chapter at a time independently, passing the book back and forth, just another lovely way to share the experience of a good book. Mentioning here and now as Mandela described ‘War and Peace’ as his favourite book, ‘a profound influence’ that he returned to many times during his lifetime.     . 

Some little gifts from me to you. Enjoy x 


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