The power of five.

Sometimes life just feels overwhelming. There is so much to do and not enough time to get it all done. Breaking tasks down into baby-steps is a great way to make things feel more manageable. But even this baby-stepping lark can feel too complicated sometimes, and what about when the job is essentially a simple one but you just cannot seem to get started?

Well…lets take one of those simple jobs, the washing up. There really shouldn’t be a problem. this is a straightforward task, surely anyone can do it. In my house there are six of us and there are days, many days, when that sink is just too full and there is no space left on the drainer. This is the time to harness the power of five. That doesn’t mean that I get the other five residents of my happy home to do the job for me, or even just help out (although of course that does happen some days, lovely lot they are!)

The power of five is about allowing ourselves the freedom to do just five things. In this case that might be to put five things away or wash five things up, whatever needs doing. The relief that comes from giving ourselves permission to just start, knowing that we don’t have to do everything all at once can make a real difference. This doesn’t have to take all day. We can face the job head on and start, that is all we have to do. This can be incredibly powerful. It will only take a moment to just do those five things yet the fact that we have got the ball rolling and started at all means that next time we pass by there is just that little bit less left to do. And you know what…there are times when the momentum of starting enables us to carry on. Maybe we can do five more and there will be times when we even carry on until the job is completely done.

Hoping this helps you to get started on something tricky today. And now I’m off to start that washing up…five things at a time!


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